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Rugs From Rags

Your Handmade Rug Solution

Around 1980 we learned rug weaving from an elderly lady in the neighborhood who did rug weaving, actually called “twining”, on an old window frame.  We have engineered rag rug frames for the rug weaving in several different sizes and developed a set of easy to follow instructions in our book Rugs From Rags. The rag rug weaving is done with strips of new or old fabric yardage, old clothing, linens or denim jeans. These nearly indestructible rugs take only about 10-12 hours to complete. Rugs can be laced together for a larger floor covering with a country look showing off your beautiful rug weaving. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a braided or hand knotted rug when you can make your very own rag rug to rival any braided rug on the market?

In our shopping cart you’ll find the Rugs From Rags book and three different sizes of rag rug frames for making many sizes off handmade rugs, from throw rugs to place mats and table runners.  Instructions for building the frames are also in the book if you’d rather build your own.  We also offer a supplemental DVD which shows Mary rug weaving and giving extra hints and tips to complete your rag rug.

Rug weaving is a great opportunity to use up those fabrics in your stash that you’re not interested in using in your current quilt patterns. When you use up that fabric, come visit our store to buy more! Our process for creating a handmade rug is an easier technique than weaving, hand knotting or braiding a rag rug. Rugs from Rags has become our most popular book and is sold to Girl Scout troops, 4-H’ers, grandmas who want to plan a fun activity with their visiting grandchildren, home economics classes and quilters and sewers all over the world who want to put their old fabric to work in rug weaving for their home.